The national indicators

To make sure we are all working towards the same vision, the Act puts in place the seven well-being goals.

If we are to collectively achieve these well-being goals we need a way of measuring progress so that we can all see if, for Wales as a whole, things are getting better. That is why the Act places a legal requirement on the Welsh Ministers to set national indicators.

These indicators can be expressed as a value or characteristic that can be measured quantitatively (e.g. a number) or qualitatively (e.g. the quality of something) against the well-being goals. They may also be measureable in relation to Wales or any part of Wales.

Whilst the indicators are set by Welsh Ministers they reflect the whole of Wales and will enable us to understand the contribution made by all.

The Act enables Ministers to review and amend the national indicators so that they stay up to date and relevant. At the start of each financial year Ministers must publish an annual progress report setting out the progress made over the last year.

National indicators for Wales

National Indicators for Wales as required by section 10(1) of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.