Progress and assessment

Public bodies are expected to show people they are applying sustainable development principles in their work, and how they are making progress towards achieving their wellbeing goals.  Public Services Boards must also demonstrate how they are meeting their wellbeing objectives through the steps they have taken to make incremental improvements in the well-being of communities.

Progress update

The Caerphilly We Want 2018-2023 has four high-level objectives:

  • Positive change – a shared commitment to improving the way we work together
  • Positive Start – Giving our future generations the best start in life
  • Positive People – Empowering and enabling all our residents to achieve their own potential
  • Positive Places – Enabling our communities to be resilient and sustainable

The PSB has set itself areas for action and underpinning enablers that will help it meet it’s wellbeing objectives. Each of these has an associated action plan. Progress is monitored by the PSB at its quarterly meeting on a six-monthly rotation for each delivery area.

You can view Progress Reports here.


Annual Report 2020-21

Caerphilly Public Services Board (PSB) is pleased to publish its third Annual Report. The report highlights progress made against the ‘Caerphilly We Want 2018-2023’ Wellbeing Plan covering the period October 2020 to September 2021.
This will be the last Annual Report from the Caerphilly PSB since we have merged with the other PSBs in the Gwent region to form the Gwent PSB. However, here are still two years left to run on the current well-being plan and we will continue to work on the actions within the plan, providing progress updates here until 2023, when the plan is completed.

Annual Report 2019-20

Caerphilly Public Services Board (PSB) are pleased to publish its second Annual Report, highlighting progress made against the ‘Caerphilly We Want 2018-2023’ Wellbeing Plan. This year’s report covers a longer 16-month period, as all partners have inevitably been involved in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Taking a longer timeframe has allowed the PSB to showcase some of the amazing public and community sector response to supporting communities through this public health crisis.

Annual Report 2018-19

Caerphilly PSB has published its first Annual Report providing a progress update following the publication of The Caerphilly We Want WellBeing Plan 2018-2023 in June 2018. You can access the Annual Report here.