The Caerphilly We Want 2018 – 2023

The Wellbeing Plan; ‘The Caerphilly We Want 2018-2023’ sets out what the Public Services Board will deliver in collaboration with the statutory, private and third sectors together with our communities. This, the first plan for the area aims to achieve long-term improvements in wellbeing and has 4 high level Objectives:

  • Positive Change – A shared commitment to improving the way we work together
  • Positive Start – Giving our future generations the best start in life
  • Positive People – Empowering and enabling all our residents to achieve their own potential
  • Positive Places – Enabling our communities to be resilient and sustainable

Caerphilly We Want 2018-2023 Wellbeing Plan and supporting documents

The Wellbeing Plan and its Delivery Plan show how the Public Services Board has chosen its objectives and the steps it intends to take to meet them.

The Plan has been developed using a wealth of data and consultation responses and sets out activity for the 5-year period of the Plan. In so doing the planned activity has been prioritised to make the best use of collaborative resources and maximise the contribution to the national well-being goals for Wales.