Well-being assessment

Online Wellbeing Assessment

The PSB is publishing its online Wellbeing Assessment for the first time. This includes many of the datasets that were included in the original Wellbeing Assessment, but where appropriate the data included has been updated to include the latest available information. Narratives describing data trends are also provided where appropriate.

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Caerphilly Public Services Board is required to prepare a local assessment of well-being for the area that looks at it’s economic, environmental, cultural and social situation. The Wellbeing Assessment will be used to inform planning across the public sector to deliver ‘The Caerphilly We Want’ and meet the national wellbeing goals for Wales.

In order to write the Plan, the PSB must undertake an assessment of wellbeing in community areas and the county as a whole.  The assessment must include relevant data and draw on the expertise of local people and organisations.  The assessment is expected to look at strengths and assets of people and communities which can be built on to help improve the wellbeing of those communities.

Online Assessment Diagram

The Assessment will be used to set local Wellbeing Objectives and the Wellbeing Plan for the area. The assessment has been developed by consulting extensively with our communities to gather their views on the well-being of the area, now and in the future.

This engagement is supported by the relevant data for the county borough to paint a rich picture of life in the area. It highlights a number of emerging trends that will be the focus of objective setting and planning across public services.

The subsequent Wellbeing Plan will be developed over the period leading up to May 2018.

Wellbeing Assessment and reports from the public engagement activities

You can find the Wellbeing assessment and reports from the public engagement activities in the What does wellbeing mean to you section.